The Golden Morning Elixir for Daily Health Maintenance

There’s a million remedies, witches brews, potions, rituals, etc… that people recommend. Here’s mine! I’ve developed this one from following many daily health and nutrition habits that I’ve read about or heard of some where or another along the way.


I start every day with this quick little concoction as often as possible. Or at least some variation. It’s starts out simple enough with a glass of hot water. Warm by the time you get to it so you can drink it fast! Then I add a heaping teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of coconut oil, a dash of organic cinnamon. (Note, I love for their Eastern Spice cinnamon blend.) Then it’s a dash of cayenne pepper, turmeric, a squeeze of lemon juice and finally a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix it up well and chug it down.

I call it a real old fashion “lemon-aide”, as in a health remedy. Or my “Morning Elixir”. The benefits have been noticeable over the course of the last year or so since I’ve refined the recipe to this combination. It started with honey water after reading several articles about the benefits of staring the day with a glass of warm water and raw, organic honey.

I would love to hear about your versions and variations as well. Please join the conversation by adding a comment below.

To your health and vitality!

3 Replies to “The Golden Morning Elixir for Daily Health Maintenance”

  1. Ashuaganda root! I use that in tea because it’s perhaps the greatest adaptogen known to man. I’ve also recently started the probiotic diet and it’s amazing.

  2. This is a great combo. I also love adding fresh ginger and turmeric! Make it thermogenic! Yummy!

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