Morning Reflections of a Perfect Night

After a night like last it’s hard not to feel a little spoiled. There’s been a buzz at the beach for weeks now it seems. The waves have been decent pretty consistently and I’ve certainly been carving off my share lately. Last night was especially fun!

Summertime always makes it a bit easier to find the extra time for doing things you love. With the long days You can head out after seven in the evening and still get plenty of light.

Once in a while there is a stand out experience and we should all do our best to savior them when they come. Last night was one of these auspicious moments for me. (Actually feels like I’ve been getting a lot of them as of late.)

While writing this and watching the sun rise I reflect on the times when things in life seem to be working out, verses the times when things seem to be falling apart. What are their cause and effects? How can we sustain greater consistency of the positive times we experience? What can we do to more quickly and easily work through the negative times in our lives?

Recently a friend showed me a video of two guys walking and talking philosophy. I really liked it. But the particular idea of living in “child-like wonderment” has stuck with me. I sense that it has been a trigger for me to find time… no, to hunt down the times that make life worth living regardless the struggles currently at hand.

What do you do to overcome your low times and search out what gives life meaning for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please add a comment below.

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  1. Nickel I’ve figured it out your like my Guru along with being my valley brother I love your smiling pictures. your awesome,wonderful
    and beautiful 🙂 <3

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