Moonlight Surfing Increases Wave IQ

While lying in bed writing right now, I feel as though I’m still floating in the black rippling abyss, under the burnt orange moon, contemplating the stars as I await the next set to roll through…

It’s almost two in the morning now and I just got home about an hour ago after a long moonlit surf session. I arrived a little before sunset, (around 7:00 pm), and surfed until almost 11:00 pm.


It started with a small handful of brave souls questioning if the small and insignificant, choppy little peelers were even worth suiting up and paddling out for. The two of us that lasted long enough found out what I was predicting in the parking lot came true.

“If we’re patient and wait for the moon it will glass off and we will score some nice waves tonight!” And score we did!

If you were to ask anyone who was out there today, they  would surely say we were lying. Peter and I know the enchantment of wave perfection for a couple of hours in the dark, as the moon was rising like a giant orange, from the south-eastern sky, was indeed real.

When surfing at night your ability to see the waves forming and predict the right place to be is completely altered. Distance is perceived much differently and everything is sort of flat and non dimensional. That is until the waves are actually breaking on you and then they suddenly seem more dramatic. The challenge is really only overcome through one thing and that is your instinct for the waves. Or your “wave IQ”.  This intuition is what gives those guys out there who seem to swoop up anything they want their secret abilities.

So if you can overcome your fear and head out on a moonlit night, you just might increase your wave IQ too! Just be careful, know your spot and your abilities and have fun!!! (And don’t be like me, always use the buddy system in the ocean).